No Win No Fee

You don’t need to worry about the expenses involved in bringing a personal injury claim. Although legal aid is no longer available for personal injury claims, there are various funding methods aimed at helping injured people get access to justice and the compensation they deserve.

Our personal injury lawyers offer a variety of funding options and can take on some cases on a no win no fee basis.

What is no win no fee?

No win no fee is one of the most common methods of funding personal injury claims. Also known as a conditional fee arrangement, no win no fee means you don’t need to pay any legal costs while you pursue your claim – we’ll only receive payment for the work we do with you if your claim is successful.

If your case is lost, you don’t have to pay any fees or expenses, and insurance will usually be arranged to make sure the other side’s costs are covered if they have to be. If your case is successful, we’ll only retain 25% of your damages to cover our fees.

Personal injury: why choose us?

Our friendly, knowledgeable team have helped people all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland win compensation for personal injury. We’re experienced, easy to work with and good at what we do. We genuinely put our clients first and always work to get them the best possible outcome. (We don’t take 25% of damages for Northern Ireland clients).

If you choose us, you’ll have a dedicated solicitor or team of solicitors who are committed to providing support throughout the entire process and getting you the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to. And you won’t need to worry about the expenses involved in bringing a claim. If we can, we will run your personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis. This means that you won’t be responsible for the costs of making the claim if it’s lost, and if it’s successful, we’ll only retain 25% of your damages to cover our fees. (Please note, there is no 25% deduction from damages in Northern Ireland).

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