Work visa renewals can be quite complicated, even before you factor in the impact of Brexit and changes to the UK immigration policies. At Emerald Law, we have a team of highly experienced immigration experts to help people to submit and obtain work visa renewals, utilising our in-depth knowledge in this subject.

If you (or somebody you know) is applying for a Tier 2 visa extension, this guidance should help you to understand the key elements of the process.


People who currently have a Tier 2 (General) visa can apply for further leave to remain, by submitting an extension application before their current visa runs out.To be eligible for the renewal, you must have the same job that you had when you were issued your previous permission to enter or stay in the UK.You must also be working under the same employer that assigned your Certificate of Sponsorship.The other condition is that you are still earning what is categorised as an ‘appropriate salary’.

Visa extensions for health workers

Due to the current health pandemic, the UK Government is providing a 1-year working visa extension for free for some health workers and their families.In August 2020, the UK Government introduced the Health and Care visa for certain medical professionals, with reduced fees and fast-tracking available under this type of visa. You can check the website for a full list of eligible occupations that can benefit from the easier and quicker visa application, or we can advise you on this.

How long can the Tier 2 visa be extended for?

Your working visa can be extended by up to five years, provided that your total stay does not add up to more than six years in total.

What documents and information are required?

As part of the application process, you will be required to attend an appointment at the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services. During this appointment, you must provide biometric data, which includes your photo and your fingerprints. You will be required to provide your Certificate of Sponsorship reference number and you may be asked for additional evidence to show you are working for your sponsor. You may also be required to submit payslips or bank statements to evidence that you are still getting paid what is determined to be an appropriate salary.

How long is the Tier 2 process?

This will usually depend on how busy the UKVCAS is and how easy it is to book in your appointment. However, you can speed the process up by getting advice from work visa renewal experts to ensure that you include all of the relevant information and documents, to avoid unnecessary delays. There is also a priority service that you can usually use but these services are currently suspended due to coronavirus.

How to apply?

The application process is all completed online, so if you would like some assistance in getting your working visa application submitted by immigration law experts, contact our team and we can get started right away.